3 Causes Of Winter Roof Leaks

13 June 2017
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Are you aware that living in certain climates could result in your roof being susceptible to certain damages that can lead to leaks or premature roof replacements? Some property owners are oblivious to this matter and ignore potential roof damages until something obvious such as roof leaks occur. The following points will help you to understand potential causes of roof leaks in the winter if you live in an area that has harsh winters.

Clogged Gutters

The gutters on your home are supposed to drain water away from your roof. Some people do not take care of their gutters, which can lead to them getting damaged. Broken or clogged gutters cannot drain properly. This means that excess moisture will be allowed to build up on your roof and could lead to leaks or roof decay. Replace damaged gutters, and ensure you get your gutters cleaned to ensure they drain properly. 

Ice Dams

These are ice formations that occur at the edges of roofs. They can interfere with melting snow or ice draining away from roofs. Some ice dams can place a strain on gutters and other portions of homes and cause damages. For example, ice dams could cause gutters to fall off of homes. The weight of the ice is what can lead to these damages. Ice dams also pose a threat to roofs because the melting elements cannot properly drain. This means that moisture is allowed to sit on roofs during the freeze and thaw cycle. Some portions of affected roofs may get more moisture exposure than others resulting in roof leaks or other damages. 

Chimney Cracks

Your chimney is not an actual part of your roofing system. However, chimney cracks can cause leaks that can impact your roof. Many homeowners overlook their chimneys especially if the property owners never use their fireplaces. This can lead to deterioration of the mortar of chimneys. When the mortar breaks down, cracks occur which can result in leaks. If the flashing and shingles around a chimney are damaged, this can also lead to roof leaks. Make it a goal to get annual chimney inspections even if you do not use your fireplace. 

A roofing contractor like Burke's Roofing is a good resource to use for additional roof damages you might experience in the winter. They can make roof repairs and roof replacements. Their expertise also qualifies them to make detailed roof inspections, which can help to identify signs that repairs are needed. Prompt repairs may extend the life of your roof.