Questions And Answers About Foam Roofing

2 July 2017
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Foam roofing has been around for quite some time, but it probably is not something you have heard of before. It is a unique alternative to building up a roof to prevent leaks, and a reasonable alternative to constantly repairing and overhauling your roof. If you are interested and want to know more about spray foam roofing, here are some possible questions you may have and the answers to those questions.

What IS Foam Roofing?

Foam roofing is a sprayed-on roofing sealant that is lightweight and extremely durable. Imagine loading a pressure washer with liquid foam and evenly coating the roof with it; it is quite similar to that. As the two substances that create the foam come together and are shot from the spray wand, they immediately "foam up" to coat the roof. 

Is There Any Prep Work Needed Prior to Applying the Foam Roof?

Yes, you have to make sure the roof is very clean. You cannot have any dirt, oil, moss, lichen, leaves, twigs, or other debris on the roof. While you do not have to remove any shingles, it is sometimes a good idea to remove the shingles and spray the substrate roofing materials before reapplying the shingles. This prevents leaks developing under the shingles. If you want, you could spray the clean shingles with the foam roofing as well to double up the foam roof coatings and the protection they provide.

When Does the Foam Roof Have to Be Reapplied?

Short of a storm taking out part of your roof or the roof being replaced, you never have to reapply the foam roof. Some foam roofs have been shown to last for twenty years or more. Foam roofing has been used in astro-domes and stadiums for this very reason.

Are There Any Other Benefits to Foam Roofing Besides Leak Protection?

Yes, foam roofing does provide a few other benefits. There is some mild sound deflection, which means that noises that would otherwise come through your roof may be softened or deadened completely. House-munching pests such as termites are not likely to munch your foam roof because of the chemicals used, which means that your roof is safe from an invading termite colony. It also provides some major insulation and SPF benefits, so your home stays warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and does not deteriorate over time because of the sun's powerful (and invisible) rays on the roof.