Protecting Your Roof From Water Damage In The Winter

5 August 2017
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Your home's roofing system plays a critical role in the structural stability of the building. When the roofing system fails, water can leak into the building envelope and wreak havoc on the materials used to construct your home.

Winter weather often brings a lot of moisture, so protecting your home's roof from water damage during the winter is important. Here are three simple things that you can do to ensure snow and ice don't damage your roof this winter.

1. Make sure your roof is properly insulated.

You want your home's roof to remain cold during the winter months so that the snow and ice accumulating on its surface will not melt too quickly. A roof's temperature is controlled, in part, by the insulation installed in the attic.

Have an experienced roofing contractor evaluate the insulation in your home's attic to ensure you have the right type of insulation for your area. Invest in upgraded insulation as needed to help prevent water damage from plaguing your home's roof during the winter.

2. Keep gutters free from debris.

Your home's roof relies on a system of rain gutters to help move water safely away from the roof's surface. When rain gutters become clogged up with leaves, branches, and other debris, they cannot provide the drainage your roof needs.

When clogs occur, water will back up in the gutters, spill out onto your roof's surface, and freeze again. This creates ice dams that have the potential to cause serious damage to your home's roofing system. Take the time to inspect your rain gutters before winter sets in. Check for signs of damage or deterioration, and clean out the gutters to prevent clogs in the future.

3. Install deicing cables along the edge of your roof.

If you live in a climate where weather conditions become severe during the winter months, you may find that you need added protection to prevent moisture from wreaking havoc on your home's roof.

Deicing cables can be installed along the edge of your roof to provide this additional protection. Deicing cables keep the edge of your home's roof warm enough to prevent ice from forming along the eaves and in the rain gutters. Eliminating this ice buildup helps you avoid ice dams, and the serious structural damage that often accompanies them.

Protecting your roof from water damage during the winter doesn't have to be challenging. Ensure that you have the right insulation, keep rain gutters free from clogs, and install deicing cables to help prevent ice buildup along the edge of your roof. Contact a roofing company, like Premier Roofing Co, for more help.